What is Water21?


21st Century Sustainable water solutions. Water21 is a not-for-profit organisation that works with landowners and communities to develop sustainable protection against flood, drought, and public health risks in the community. We specialise in cutting-edge water resource management, harnessing cost-effective naturalistic approaches that lead to abundance.

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Water21 achieves this by researching, promoting, consulting on, and facilitating the supply of best technology, with unique expertise backed-up by over 20 years of professional landowner, water engineering, community and regulatory engagement on a range of issues including:

What is Water21?   WATER 21 LOGO Safe and economically viable water management solutions
What is Water21?   bacteriaspores
Improved public health
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What is Water21?   reed beds Reedbeds
What is Water21?   em Biological farming
What is Water21?   ossberger Hydropower
The original and best crossflow turbine
And for Kaplan, pelton turbines and trash rack cleaners
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What is Water21?   environment agency Flood and Drought moderation
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CPRE award winning wetland designed by Water21

Read more about our award winning floodwater attenuation scheme at Churchdown Park

What is Water21?   Pearl Stokes right chairman of the Churchdown Parish Council and Ruth Warne left clerk with Tom Blackwell and David Bryant of constructors DE Spencer and Sons at the new wildlife ponds image source The Citizen

Pearl Stokes (right), chairman of the Churchdown Parish Council, and Ruth Warne (left), clerk, with Tom Blackwell and David Bryant of constructors DE Spencer and Sons, at the new wildlife ponds designed by Water21 (photo credits The Gloucester Citizen)

What is Water21?   anettsurvey

Water21 Surveying for a Flood Attenuation Project

We work with a vision to holistically solve water management issues in a long term and sustainable manner with:

  • Farmers & landowners
  • Local Authorities
  • Consulting engineers
  • Utilities
  • Regulators
  • Community groups

Interested in working with us? We’d love to hear from you.

Sustainable Water Management

This Water21 schematic visually describes the benefits of a holistic approach to water in the wider landscape. It cannot show all the criteria, and every bioregion will be different, but the principles of water resource use are broadly the same globally. (Courtesy Lydia Williams)

What is Water21?   Water21Scheme

Illustration From Stroud Urban Wetlands Study for Stroud District Council (1993) – the UK’s first full catchment SUDS proposal