Action Groups


Growth in environmental concern in recent decades has led to a proliferation of groups dedicated to protecting the world around us. These operate on a range of levels from the international to the local perspective. Many of these, like Friends of the Earth & Greenpeace operate on the widest possible scale; within which water related issues will only be part of a wider range of activities. Other groups, for example Surfers Against Sewage, or Anglers Conservation Association, operate mainly within the limited focus of a particular special interest.

Water21 supports all the excellent work carried out by these groups and is pleased to offer assistance wherever called upon, to the best of our finite resources. We do this by a range of methods, primarily the sharing of information, provision of technical advice, site visits and talks, promotion of novel research and best practice etc.

Water21 is a resource to assist you and your community in water issues.

Our major focus is the local, often Parish level, Water Action Group, and here again there are a variety of groups already operating. This might actually be a Local Authority which takes a special interest in their district’s water environment issues, or be simply a local angling club protecting its waters, or a wider community group dedicated to enhancing a particular area within which the water environment features in some important way