Ossberger Hydroturbines

Ossberger Factory

Kaplan turbine at OSSBERGER factory

OSSBERGER manufacture complete hydro-electric turbine / generator installations complete with control systems and switch gear of the highest quality. All tested prior to leaving works.

OSSBERGER have supplied and/or installed numerous small scale hydropower installations over the past 30 years, both crossflow and kaplan turbines. In this period as little as £100 worth of spare parts have been supplied – and even this was due to operator error.

The original OSSBERGER Crossflow turbine

Discover the Ossberger crossflow turbine by clicking here

Download the OSSBERGER brochure here.

Why choose an OSSBERGER crossflow turbine for your hydro project ? Find out more here or download this brochure.

The OSSBERGER Kaplan turbine

For low head sites that are not suitable for a crossflow turbine you may wish to consider a Kaplan turbine. Go to the Kaplan informtion here

The revolutionary new OSSBERGER Enclosed Pivoting Kaplan turbine for fishery sensitive rivers

A new development from the OSSBERGER team – a fully enclosed pivoting Kaplan turbine that is suitable for fishery sensitiveness rivers and can operate even during flood conditions. Discover more here

The OSSBERGER Pelton turbine

Suitable for high heads and small flows. See more here

OSSBERGER Automatic Trash Rack Cleaners

To minimise maintenance and maximise energy production, choose an OSSBERGER automatic trash rack cleaner. Discover more here