Industry Professionals


Water21 acts as a facilitating framework, bridging communities with regulators, water companies, local authorities and government agencies in order to:

  • resolve critical water issues in communities;
  • enhance the water resources assets for the benefit of communities and the environment, in an economically viable manner
  • help water managers to achieve long-term, low-cost, holistic and sustainable water resources solutions;
  • collaborate on world-class research with our students.

Collaborations have often proved very productive. Past successes include:

  • the development of the UK’s first catchment scale, hydraulic flood modelling for dispersed flood attenuation;
  • construction of reedbed water treatment for control of pesticide contaminated wastewater and research;
  • protection of pristine rivers in Scotland vital for wild salmon.

We have a number of research projects suitable for university students and academics in a range of different fields. To find out more, please contact us.