Water in the Community


Rivers, ponds, lakes and wetlands are a vital feature of many local communities. In addition, everyone consumes water resources and produces wastewater. Water is essential for life, and yet in many parts of the country, communities are finding problems with their water resources. This may be from flooding or drought, water pollution or problematic water resources infrastructure.

If your community identifies a problem, it can often be very difficult to know who to turn to and how to resolve the issue. Water21 works with and supports community action groups, providing advice and expertise to empower local communities to make the most of water in an environmentally sensitive and sustainable manner. We bring in all aspects of water management into a holistic plan, which will resolve water management problems in a low-cost, naturalistic and long-term way.

This section will tell you about some of the many problems associated with water that you may recognise within your community. It will then explain our vision for a sustainable solution.