Stormwater Treatment


A Local Authority Takes Responsibility

Churchdown Parish Council diverts stormwater away from a water company sewer into a CPRE award winning wetland designed by Water21, featuring reedbeds, ponds and retention swale.

This saves the authority money both on mitigation costs as well as on water bills, while effectively controlling and treating stormwater and enhancing the local wildlife and recreational landscape. A simple, cost-effective win win solution.

Aerial photograph of Churchdown Park and location of proposed swale & ponds

An aerial image of Churchdown Park with the location of the proposed swale and ponds

Churchdown Park water swale & ponds during construction

Churchdown Park water swale and ponds during construction

Churchdown Park - working ponds

Churchdown Park ponds completed

Visit the Churchdown Parish Council website for more images.

The full design report by Tamás Böröndi of Water21 can be downloaded here (pdf).

Are you a local authority experiencing similar flooding problems? Contact Water21 here.

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