Water Pollution


Raw sewage contamination in open ditch

Unfortunately raw sewage can find its way into our waterways and in the case pictured right straight into an open ditch. Sewage spillages of this nature present a significant health risk to local people. The blue turquoise colouration in the water is the result of the contamination caused by bacteria.

If you are seeing these kinds of problems in your area, this is the responsibility of the Environment Agency. To report problems of this nature contact the agency hot line

0800 807060

When you call the Environment Agency hot line you sould be given an incident number. Make a note of this number for future contact with them regarding the problem.

When will the salmon return to Stroud?

This local film was produced for the Stroud Valleys Project in 1989, detailing the problems in the Stroud Valleys.

It shows archive footage of  sewer overflow discharging raw sewage into a water course. There are still around 25,000 of these overflows in the UK- they are a major threat to public health.

Watch the video here.