About Us


21st Century Sustainable water solutions. Water21 is a not-for-profit organisation supporting a network of water experts, industry professionals and local community groups. Originally developed as part of Vision21 Gloucestershire (arising from the 1997 “Water For Tomorrow” conference at Slimbridge WWT), Water21 has its roots in earlier pioneering work developed in Gloucestershire since 1989.

Mission statement

We aim to assist with the implementation of safe, economically viable and sustainable water management solutions.

We promote soft-engineered, naturalistic, community-led approaches that utilise grass roots, local knowledge supplemented with the best in leading-edge design.

How we work

We are a not-for-profit organisation. We work within the Free Marketplace as dictated by the Water Acts, and wherever possible we freely provide our expertise at a high level of professional excellence.

We support academic studies through student bursaries and internships, working on the leading edge of sustainable water management.

In addition to commissioned studies and projects, we also work on a goodwill basis wherever we can, both in the provision of our expertise and by the promotion of partnerships between communities, private stakeholders and official agencies.

Facilitating framework

Water21 acts as a facilitating framework, bridging communities with regulators, water companies, local authorities and government agencies in order to:

  • resolve critical water issues in communities
  • enhance the water resources assets for the benefit of communities and the environment, in an economically viable manner
  • help water managers to achieve long-term, low-cost, holistic and sustainable water resources solutions
  • collaborate on world-class research with our students

Collaborations have often proved very productive. Past successes include:

  • the development of the UK’s first catchment scale, hydraulic flood modelling for dispersed flood attenuation
  • construction of reedbed water treatment for control of pesticide contaminated wastewater and research
  • protection of pristine rivers in Scotland vital for wild salmon

We have a number of research projects suitable for university students and academics in a range of different fields.

If you are interested in working with us, we would like to hear from you.

Water21 Limited is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee

Registered Office:
135 Aztec West
Bristol BS32 4UB
Registered No. 9098337 in England & Wales