Turbine Control Systems


For the OSSBERGER Cross-Flow Turbines, which even run at high efficiencies with low admission rates, OSSBERGER offers a range of controllers, developed and manufactured by its own. All control and regulating tasks are ideally fulfilled by the multifunction unit that can be freely configured. Parameters are optimised at the unit directly. A registration of the speed and an opening feedback through robust rotating angle transmitters, both without wear, as well as a specially designed power pack are essential for a reliable operation. No repeated supervision is required by official authorities.

Water level regulator

For one or several turbines following one another. Registration of water level by a hydrostatic pressure sensor.

Speed regulator

According to the speed for autonomous energy production.

Volume regulator

According to the volume in case of projects of the hydro-economic sector.


Asynchronous generator

For grid-connection operation, in order to maximise the annual performance at varying flows. The generators are three-phase motors with a squirrel cage. They work as asynchronous motors, excited by the mains and run by the turbines with a positive slip.

Synchronous generator

For stand-alone operation, i.e. energy production following the actual demand


for grid-connected operation


for a combination of grid-connected operation and speed-controlled stand-alone operation.