Case studies


Slad Brook case study – flood alleviation

The Slad Valley in Stroud suffers frequent flooding, and was particularly badly hit in 2007. The Slad Brook Action Group approached Water21 in 2008, looking for help to find an appropriate solution.

Water21 conducted a hydraulic modelling study in the Slad Valley to identify the volumes of water that would be generated during large floods, and whether this water could be stored in a dispersed, low impact manner throughout the catchment, also providing a range of other benefits. The study demonstrates for the first time that this dispersed upstream attenuation approach is not only entirely feasible, but that it is preferable alternative to conventional flood risk management.

Slad Pilot Presentation- flood alleviation

Community led flood alleviation scoping presentation

Bridgend case study – flood alleviation

A report reviewing the flooding at Bridgend in Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, granted to the Bridgend Action Group by Water 21. This study compiles information collected by the group with further research undertaken in 2008. The report offers a thorough explanation of likely causes of the flooding, suggestions to solve the issues, and a set of recommended next steps for implementation.

The dual approach to managing water – flood alleviation

A presentation highlighting the catchment scale approach to land management, and the low cost, multi benefit features that this could entail.